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As a NASM certified personal trainer and a Functional Aging Institute, exercise specialist I help my clients become better movingfunctional, and stronger versions of themselves.

Get Moving with Functional to the Core

I provide in-home one-on-one or small group functional fitness to people 50+

Don't worry about the equipment I bring it to you!

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A Little About Me...

Fitness is about ability not age...

NASM certified personal trainer
Functional-Aging-Specialist certified personal trainer

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Personal trainer for older adults
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Hi, I'm Paula,  

The owner of Functional to the Core.  I've been a certified fitness trainer for over 6 years and during that time I realized how much I respect and value active agers. That's why my clientele are adults 50 and beyond who need someone to help them get or stay active.  My approach to fitness is to focus on building a strong foundation, starting with the Human Movement System (HMS). By addressing movement patterns and imbalances I help my clients improve their ability to move freely and with less pain.  My functional-focused programs are designed to challenge and push clients to achieve their personal fitness goals, in a safe and effective manner.   My philosophy  of fitness can be summed  up in three words "Compression of morbidity."   That's why I started Functional to the Core, help get/keep mature adults (50 +) moving! 

Maintaining a strong and agile body takes commitment to learning proper movement patterns while developing strength, flexibility, and power!  I believe that reaching your fitness goals is more than just following a standard exercise routine. That’s why I use the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model develop by  the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).   Additionally,  I use Integrated Assisted Stretching  (IAS) to help improve mobility, flexibility and balance allowing for increased range of motion and better functional movement.  I combine the OPT model and IAS into all my fitness programs.  This combination helps to assure my clients are able to perform the exercises in the most proficient way possible achieving maximal results. 

To become physically fit and improve your health, adherence to a fitness program is essential!  I help my clients stay committed and accountable throughout their fitness journey.  Our first session begin with a thorough assessment to measure clients' fitness levels accurately. Based on this assessment, I design a personalized fitness plan that is tailored to individuals health and fitness objectives. Reassessments are conducted monthly to track progress and evolve the program as necessary, ensuring successful long-term results.

Whether you or a loved one is in need of personalized fitness training? Functional to the Core has got you covered. Not only can I help get you moving and feeling great, but I'm dedicated to empowering you with the skills necessary to stay strong and active for life.  Don't wait another day to transform your body into a functional and healthy machine!

Our Services

sharon P..jpg

Sharon P.

Paula is wonderful to work with!  She created a workout program geared to what I need to focus on, strength and flexibility.

I would highly recommend her!


shirley face.jpg

Shirley Q.

I always got a great workout!  Cared about my goals and put them first.  My hip pain has greatly reduced since working with Paula.

Carrie B..jpg

Carrie B.

Paula has been an excellent choice for our personal fitness needs.  We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer!

Carrie B..jpg

Carrie B.

Paula has been an excellent choice for our personal fitness needs.  We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer!

Join the Movement and get Moving!

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